Friday, January 05, 2007

i am leaving... will no longer be blogging with blogger...
but don't worry...i will still be blogging!
check out my iWeb site...its way cool!

you can still comment and everything...
i spent the night getting it set up.
i like it much better.

My iWeb/Blog

please update it in your bookmarks...if you have it marked.
bye...sort of.

Monday, December 18, 2006

In a much better mood today!

I am in a much better mood today! My back was really hurting me yesterday...and that made me in a really bad mood!

Plus, the fact the Beth and I just signed up to take a class from Donna Downey in April helped put me in better spirits!! I am so excited!! I can't wait! I hope Cathy comes along too...we signed up for the Friday Crop, which Donna is going to be at for a few hours, and then we signed up for a book binding class! It's going to be a blast!!

I am counting down the days until winter break!! I have until Thurday!! I NEED a break...I just have to write a paper thats due on Wednesday and then I have to finish my drawing of the St. Paul Cathedral in class tomorrow and I have am done with my work for the semester!! Is going to be a huge relief to be done! And I am glad to have one semester under my went fast for the most part...It took some getting used to and time to figure out how to manage my schedule and work load. I am really glad that I went to such a good high school that prepared my well for college. I have to say I have not been as challenge as highschool, yet...the projects are time consuming, but not that difficult...I like a challenge so I hope it will get a little more difficult....but not too much, I am having fun! and I LOVE my school!

I am really in the Christmas spirit! I can't wait! I am excited for my friends and family to see what I got them...and I am excited to see what I am getting! I know thats not what Christmas is all about...but it is a really good part about this time of year! :)

On Wednesday, after school...Beth and I are going to go shopping for fabric. She is making me a laptop bag...She usually makes purses, but I don't really have a need for a we came up with a laptop bag! It going to be really cool...and we decided we need to make really cool crafting we have to find some fun fabric for that, too! Its been a while since I have actually sewn something other than a scrapbook page! I used to make PJ pants and scrubs (for when I worked at the nursing home) and I have even made it will be fun to get into that again...and then we will have cool aprons to were when we create!! Oh...and when we teach too! That will be cool! I wish I had an embroidray machine, cause it would be cool to put our names on them...I bet we could figure something out...maybe apliques...

I am making a new CD for my car...I make one about every 2 weeks or so...and listen to in continuously...and its about time for a new one...This one is full of Citizen Cope, James Blunt, Jack Johnson, Five for Fighting, Brett Dennen...and of favotire Imogen Heap!

Alrighty...I should go make some dinner for myself and then get a start on my paper thats due on Wed...

peace. keep it real...m

Sunday, December 17, 2006

On Friday Beth met up with Amy and Nancy from Cloud 9...and they gave her the new valentines line! Its so cute! They are really inproving their products! After she met with them, we met up at Artsy Tartsy...and met Bonnierose. Then we decided to go up to Scrapbook Companions and see Jen (one of my favorite people)! I havn't seen her in a while! It was good to see her! Then we came to my house and scrapped!
On Saturday, I wanted to go to Archiver' my mom and I went to Maple Grove and to Archiver's (about 40 miles from home....). Then I decided I need to get some of Scenic Route paper, and the only place I could think that carried it was Scrapbooks Plus in St. Cloud (about 50 miles from Maple Grove)! So we went!!
I needed to get that paper because my Uncle had called my a few weeks ago and asked if I could do an album for my aunt for Christmas...they had recently put the first dog they owned down and he wanted to give her an album for christmas. They never had kids, so they dogs are like their children...I stated it on three pages done...and then I did 7 pages on Saturday!! Thats the most I have ever done in such a short period of time!! I am planning on doing 20 pages in the I think I will come home on thurday and do some...then finish it on Saturday...(cause I work on Friday night)...anyway...this is what I have done so far....

well I am done blabbing...I am in weird back hurts...and I don't know I am kind of crabby....
oh..I almost forgot! I made a delicous dinner tonight! Manicotti! YUM! Thats my favorite food! I even made the sauce too! was sooo good!
k...well have a good week all!
peace. keep it real. m.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Weekend Update

So I am still trying to get my banner worked out...I like the new template I have, but it made my banner be left justified...I will have to figure that out...

Thursday was so great! Lance from Rusty Pickle was at The Shop teaching classes...I was in class (at school), so I couldn't make it until the last class...but it was so great! Beth and I were teacher's assistants! And man, did he need them..we had some beginners in the class it was over their heads...and the class was fast paced...but with my help they got it done! Everyone that attended said they had a blast and really enjoyed Lance and his classes. He is a great teacher and such a humble guy...After the class we cleaned up and just hung out with Lance..he really is a great guy! And he's got a great company! He was kind enought to give Beth and I each a sheet of stickers, a pack of mini file folders, and the Rusty Pickle Idea book! THANKS LANCE & RUSTY PICKLE!! And Thank you to everyone who came out for the event! It really was great!

Last night (Friday) I had to work the mania...I didn't get home until about a quarter to 2! And then of course I had to check my e-mail and some blogs...I lost track of time..and by the time I looked at the clock it was 3:30!! EEK! I went straight to bed! Slept until about 11:30 this moring!

Monday is my Dad's birthday...I am making him a miniBOOK of photos of his grandkids...he recently was in California and visited them...and thats all he talks about I tought he would like that...its small enough so he can take it with him in his truck...I hope he like it...We are celebrating tomorrow...after I am done with work I have to drive home for dinner and such...we usually keep it small with my dad...small as in no company...he's not big on having attention directed at that they way he likes it.

Last tuesday night I had a customer come into The Shop and tell my about a yahoo group call Twin Cities sounded cool so I joined...It will be fun to get to know some people in this area that are as crazy about style as me! :) THANK SUZY!

Thats what I got for now....
Stay warm..its starting to get reeeeaaaally cold here! (Today was supposed to be the warmest day until March!).....

Peace out girl scout! :)m

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I sorta got a banner....I have to play around and make a cool one...and get the template all set up....the brown and cream is ok...but not really 'me' least I know how to do it now....thanks for the help :)


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

i really really really really really really really really

really really really reall want a blog banner!! i am going to figure out how to do it this weekend!! but if anyone had some insight...i would love for you to enlighten this fine fellow :)


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

my first thanksgiving on my own...

So I had thanksgiving with my family at home. its the only holiday that we say home, just the four of us...and i like that.

on friday...the dreaded black friday...beth came to delano to scrap...thats right! now shopping for this guy! i can't handle all the people...and do you think i have money for gifts! yeah right! i am in college!! that means eveyone gets macaroni art! :) anyway...beth and my sister and i took like over 200 photos! it was so fun...we were snapping 'em so fast, if you flip through then fast engough it looks like a movie! ha!

then on saturday i had a thanksgiving dinner with my friends at my apartment. i cooked the turkey and stuffing and the fixin' was great. and i have to say, the food was delicious!! we had to move all the furniture and eat on the floor, cause we have a dinky table and only two chairs! ha!
we has such a good time! it was great to see all my friends from highschool agian!!